Henna Shikakai Ayurvedic Shampoo

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For oily to normal hair

The powerhouse of benefits for healthy and naturally shiny hair, herbs like shikakai and henna lend beauty, softness, volume and a silky texture that makes your hair standout in a crowd.

  • Shikakai present in it brings out the lustre and softness in your hair.
  • Makes your hair thick, voluminous and strong.
  • The herbs nourish the scalp and strengthen the roots.
  • Helps you get rid of dandruff and other infectious patches.
  • Slows down graying of hair.
  • Nourishes the hair follicles and soothes the scalp.
  • Cleanses the scalp thoroughly.

Customer Reviews

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Love this shampoo

Sara Nasseri
Best shampoo

I love this shampoo. So much that I think the company should make a bigger bottle for long term use !
It is a perfect shampoo for all hair types but I have hair that gets oily easily
The shampoo brings out the best of your hair

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35+ years of R&D. Our ayurvedic products are free of harmful chemicals and made in state-of-the-art facilities promoting environmental sustainability. Bringing authentic herbal remedies from Ayurveda - the alternative medicine system of India.

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FAQ: Henna Shikakai Ayurvedic Shampoo

Ayurvedic shampoo is a hair cleansing product formulated using natural herbs and ingredients based on Ayurvedic principles, aimed at promoting healthy hair and scalp while minimizing chemical exposure. It often includes ingredients like amla, shikakai, and neem, known for their nourishing and therapeutic properties.

Henna Shikakai shampoo naturally conditions hair, enhances shine, promotes growth, and helps reduce dandruff and hair fall. It's ideal for maintaining a healthy scalp and vibrant hair.

Yes, Henna Shikakai shampoo contains natural ingredients that help reduce dandruff by cleansing the scalp and maintaining its health.

Henna Shikakai shampoo is typically free from harsh chemicals, relying on natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish your hair gently

Since hair is closely linked to other tissues and your overall quality of life, Ayurveda provides numerous traditional herbal remedies designed to nourish and rejuvenate hair from within.


Bhringraj is great for promoting hair growth, protecting your hair’s natural color and shine, cooling the head, and calming the mind. Our ayurvedic  hair care products with Bhringraj:

 Brahmi Bhringraj Hair Oil

Bhringamalakadi Hair Oil

Hydrating conditioner

Gotu Kola (Brahmi)

Gotu kola, also known as brahmi, is famous for its cooling and soothing effects on the mind. It also nourishes the digestive tract, scalp, and hair. You can take it in tablet or powder form to support your health. Our ayurvedic  hair care products with Brahmi;

 Brahmi Bhringraj Hair Oil

Amla (Amalaki)

Amla helps balance pitta, remove excess heat from the head, and protect your hair’s color and shine. It is available in tablet or powder form. Our ayurvedic  hair care products with Amal

Bhringamalakadi Hair Oil


Triphala tablets cleanse and nourish the digestive tract, improving tissue nutrition throughout the body. This can directly benefit your hair, making it stronger and healthier.


Chyavanprash is a rejuvenating jam made primarily from amalaki fruit. It cools and nourishes the digestive system and deep tissues, promoting overall health and vitality.


Shikakai is known for its gentle cleansing properties that help maintain the scalp's natural oils while promoting hair growth and reducing dandruff. Rich in vitamins A, C, and D, shikakai strengthens hair roots, adds shine, and improves hair texture. Its natural conditioning effects leave hair soft and manageable without the need for synthetic shampoo. Our ayurvedic hair care products with Shikakai: Henna Shikakai shampoo


Loaded with tannins & helps reduce graying of hair. Our ayurvedic hair care products with henna: Henna Shikakai shampoo


Promotes hair growth, makes soft & shiny hair. Our ayurvedic hair care products with Henna: Henna Shikakai shampoo

For optimal results, incorporate Ayurvedic practices like ayurvedic massage with Ayurveda hair oil and use herbal shampoo to further nourish and rejuvenate your hair

Yes, you can use Henna Shikakai shampoo in combination with other hair care products. You can combine Sri Sri Tattva Henna Shikakai shampoo with our hydrating conditioner and brahmi bhringraj hair oil to give your hair overall protection and make them longer, stronger, shiner, fuller, and free from frizz & split ends. This combination also helps treat dandruff and hair loss problems.