Brahmi Bhringraj Hair Oil - Anti Graying Oil

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Help Prevent Hair loss and Premature Graying

Sri Sri Tattva Brahmi Bhringaraj Taila is a proprietary medicated hair oil prepared from exclusive herbs. It nourishes the hair roots and promotes hair growth. Regular use keeps the hair healthy, reduces hair fall, prevents premature greying and dryness of the scalp.

Sri Sri Tattva Brahmi Bhringaraj Taila made from rejuvenating and calming herbs that support increase in volume, length and quality of your hair, the oil is nourishing and non-sticky, and ideal for thin and weak hair.

Bhringraj is rejuvenating for the hair and calms down pitta dosha (fire element).
Improves blood circulation; supports hair growth and prevents premature greying.
The use of brahmi significantly helps resolve hair loss, increases length and volume of your hair.

Coconut oil provides moisture to help remove frizz, helps with dandruff and prevents split ends 

• Prevents hair fall and dryness of scalp
• Acts as anti Dandruff
• Ideal for thin and weak hair
• Promotes hair growth
• Provides nourishment to the damaged, devitalized hair
• Conditions the scalp by improving blood circulation to the hair follicles

• Brahmi plant coarse powder
• Bhringraj plant coarse powder
• Narikela oil (Coconut oil )
• Tila oil (Sesame oil)
• Pushpa Milan fragarance

Apply as needed, with options to both leave in or wash out, as according to individual hair dryness and thickness

Our Promise

35+ years of R&D. Our ayurvedic products are free of harmful chemicals and made in state-of-the-art facilities promoting environmental sustainability. Bringing authentic herbal remedies from Ayurveda - the alternative medicine system of India.

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FAQ: Brahmi Bhringraj Hair Oil - Anti Graying Oil

Brahmi Bhringraj hair oil is a traditional Ayurvedic hair oil that combines the benefits of two potent herbs, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and Bhringraj (False Daisy).

Brahmi helps to strengthen hair strands, reduce hair fall, and enhance hair growth, while bringaraj hair oil stimulates follicles, prevents premature graying, and improves overall hair texture.

The blend of these two powerful herbs with Narikela Taila ( coconut oil) provides essential nutrients to the scalp, helps to alleviate dryness and dandruff, and promotes healthy, lustrous hair naturally.

1. Strengthens hair from the roots

Brahmi hair oil strengthens hair from the roots by fortifying the hair and enhancing blood circulation in the scalp. It prevents hair breakage, improves hair elasticity, and promotes longer and thicker hair growth. This nourishing oil reduces hair fall by providing a solid foundation for healthier hair and making the strands more resilient.

2. Removes frizz and smoothens the hair

The natural ingredients such as Brahmi and Bhringraj in the oil work together to smoothen the hair cuticles, reducing frizz and flyaways. By deeply moisturizing and nourishing the hair strands, this bhringaraj oil helps tame unruly hair and make it more manageable.

3. Helps increase hair volume

The nourishing properties of bringraj oil penetrate the scalp, revitalizing the hair follicles and promoting healthy hair growth. By strengthening the hair from the roots and improving the overall health of the strands, it enhances the thickness and density of the hair.

4. Helps with dandruff

Bringraj for hair possesses antifungal properties that target the fungal infections often associated with dandruff. These herbs work synergistically in oil to address dandruff concerns and promote a healthier scalp.

5. Prevents split ends

The Brahmi oil forms a protective barrier, which shields the hair from damage caused by heat styling, environmental stressors, and daily wear & tear. Regular oil application helps maintain optimal moisture balance, preventing dryness and brittleness that often lead to split ends.

6. Relaxes the mind

Massaging the oil on the head creates a soothing sensation that helps alleviate mental stress and tension. The aromatic properties of the oil further enhance the relaxation experience. As the oil is absorbed into the scalp, it can positively impact the nervous system and promote a sense of calm.

  • Massage the Brahmi Bhringraj oil gently into the scalp for at least 10 minutes.
  • Choose to leave the oil in or wash it out based on individual hair dryness and thickness.
  • Leaving the oil overnight or for a few hours can provide intense moisturization for dry or thick hair.
  • For normal or oily hair, washing out the oil with a mild herbal shampoo (Henna Shikakai or Protein ) after a shorter duration, i.e., 30 minutes, may be preferred.
  • Adjust the usage according to personal preferences and desired results

our hair type, scalp condition, and personal preference determine how often you should oil your hair. According to general guidelines, oiling your hair 1-2 times a week can benefit most individuals. However, if you have a dry scalp or hair, you may consider oiling more frequently, while those with oily hair may prefer to oil their hair less frequently

Yes! They don’t possess any side effects, as at Sri Sri Tattva, these oils are derived from natural ingredients tested for heavy metals, are cruelty-free, and have proven effective. This product is a potent blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential oils that help to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Sri Sri Tattva Brahmi Bhringraj hair oil combines ancient Ayurvedic practices with modern scientific methods, ensuring a product that is both pure and effective. It is made in environmentally sustainable facilities by meditators, ensuring a perfect combination of purity, love, and science.