Daily Cleanse Kit #1

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Daily Cleanse Kit #1 contains Sudanta Toothpaste, Rose Facial Mist, Protein Shampoo, and Sandal Soap.

Protein Shampoo

Made with the richest sources of protein and other key minerals found in nature to help nourish and condition the scalp while moisturizing dry and damaged hair, naturally! Chickpeas used in it nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the strands, while  fenugreek nourish and reduce the appearance of premature graying. 

 Free from harsh chemicals that can dry out and strip your hair and scalp, our lightweight and purifying Shampoo boosts volume and builds fullness into fine and limp hair, naturally!

Rose Facial Mist - Stay Fresh all day

A must have it in your everyday beauty routine with the ultimate multi use natural product. Boosted with the richness of rose extract, Gulab Jal acts as a natural skin toner and also makes your skin soft. It can be used before and after cleaning, in the office as a 3pm pick me up, after makeup application to give you a dewy complexion or just anytime your skin is feeling stressed or overheated! 

Sandal SoapThe purity of Sandal, now in a soap! Say goodbye to soaps with harsh chemicals and dry & dull skin. Sri Sri Tattva’ Sandal soap is made with carefully selected ingredients that bring you the best of nature's bounty. This soap nourishes your skin and its fragrance relaxes you. Refresh yourself with Sri Sri Tattva Sandal soap!Sudanta Toothpaste

Fluoride-Free, Paraben-Free, Vegan

Sudanta is a non-abrasive natural toothpaste with a unique combination of herbs to help cleanse and whiten teeth, fight bacteria, soothe gums and provide long lasting freshness. Sudanta is a natural cleanser fortified with effective Ayurvedic  herbs such as:

  • Black pepper - keeps bad breath and gum problems away
  • Bakul & mayaphal - keeps gums and teeth strong
  • Clove - fights toothache and bacteria
  • Cinnamon - adds flavor and fights bacteria

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I use this product daily as part of my skin care. Very happy with the results

Our Promise

35+ years of R&D. Our ayurvedic products are free of harmful chemicals and made in state-of-the-art facilities promoting environmental sustainability. Bringing authentic herbal remedies from Ayurveda - the alternative medicine system of India.

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